Rp 6.500.000

Introducing our innovative vertical surface bench, a space-saving solution for any area. With its unique design, this bench provides comfortable seating while maximizing vertical space for storage or display. Perfect for entryways, small apartments, or cozy nooks, this bench offers functionality and style in a compact package, with a suitable color combination namely light walnut.

The description of a bench with a vertical surface would depend on the specific design and context of its use. Here’s generalize description :

The bench with a vertical surface offers a unique twist to traditional seating arrangements, providing bot functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its vertical surface, whether it’s a solid backrest or a decorative element, adds visual interestand support to the seating experience.

Crafted from high-quality materials teak wood, this bench is built to withstand daily use while maintaining its stylish appearance. The vertical surface not only enhances the comfort of those seated but also serves as a canvas for customization or artistic experession, allowing for apersonalized touch in any space.

Whether placed in an entryway, garden, or living room, the bench with a vertical surface is a versatile piece of furniture that effortlessy combines form and function. Its thoughtful design invites relaxation and conversation, making it a welcome addition to any indoor or outdoor setting.